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Programmatic Media Buying

Perfomance Campaigns

A Performance Campaign is that which has leads, sales or downloads as its main goal. These campaigns will only show the ads to bottom-funnel audiences and not spend money advertising to the upper funnel. Find out if your business is a good candidate for a performance campaign!

Distributed via websites, newspaper sites, apps, Youtube, Spotify, Hulu, Peacock, and other mianstream media channels using Google's DV360 (and others).

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Third-Party Audiences

Many companies sell audience lists (consumer's virtual addresses). We buy these lists to place your ad in front of these custom audiences. Some examples of these audiences include:

  • people travelling to Miami in the next 30 days

  • people in the market for a new luxury car

  • people who own a dog

  • business decision-makers in the mining industry

  • big company owners

  • restaurant owner

... and tens of thousands more!

Great for B2B!


We can target people who have looked up a specific list of keywords or phrases in the past. These keywords can be very specific to create an audience for a niche.



We can target people according to which apps they have on their phone or which websites they visit. So, for example, if you want to sell tickets for a soccer game to possible soccer fans, you can target those who have soccer-related apps donwloaded on their phone or who visit soccer-related websites. 


Track the people that land on your website and target them personally. Less than 15% of users buy or send their information on their first visit to a website. Make sure to appear in front of them constantly to bring them back to your site and convert them. Retargeting increases trust in your brand and strengthens top-of-mind.

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