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Campaigns that need to be segmented very precisely often need to be handled by an agency due to the importance placed on the ads not being shown to any minors. Contact us to learn the limitations to your specific campaign and to get a custom proposal.

Normal Sites, Restricted Content

These campaigns run in normal websites but the content is restricted or considered inappropriate for minors. We choose a very closed age segmentation and add extra layers of safety filters.


Adult Sites, Legal Content

These campaigns need to be segmented to specific websites rather than specific audiences. In this context, the website/app has the legal responsibility of making sure a user is an adult as opposed to the advertiser.


Content that might not be legal

There are certain products/places that are ilegal in some states or countries. From a political campaign that needs to be closely regulated by the authorities to a medicinal marijuana campaign, we need to ensure that these run exclusively where they are legal to run. Leakage can be criminal. In these cases, we need to build inpenetrable digital fences around a campaign to ensure it is always compliant with the laws in the location where it's showing.


As long as your business is legal, you are able to advertise it. We just need to follow the right guidelines. Contact us.

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